Incremental Tweaks

As I mentioned in the previous write up: my major goal distiles down to implementing numerous small tweaks each yielding large outcomes.  There’s also a secondary goal of documenting these experiences and sharing them with the community, especially the folks at CrossFit South Brooklyn.

So here it is, the list of tweaks I submitted for the Paleo Challenge:

Work Tweaks (essential because if these break, everything breaks)

Tweak 1: Streamline email processing.

Tweak 2: Set work boundaries.

Tweak 3: Set intervals during the work day for uninterrupted productivity and brief breaks.

Tweak 4: Automate as many routine tasks as possible.

Tweak 5: Use existing tools to track behavior and establish metrics, without going OCD.

Personal Tweaks:

Tweak 1: Write a personal blog entry at least twice a week.

Tweak 2: Take 1 photo a day and post it to Flickr starting January 10.

Tweak 3: Attempt to sleep ~7 hours a day and track it.

Tweak 4: Read my RSS feeds or watch/listen to informative podcasts during morning and evening commutes.

Diet/Paleo Tweaks:

Tweak 1: Continue good habits (almost all home cooked meals, fish oil twice daily, natural calm before bed)

Tweak 2: Eat ~1gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

CrossFit Tweaks:

Tweak 1: Make it to class more than 4 times in 60 days.

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