5/3/1 – Back Squat: Cycle 2, Exposure 1

Movement Prep
Foam rolled for ~10 minutes, paying lots of attention to hamstring, quad, IT band.
Lax ball loving for ~5 minutes especially above and below the knee. Really went to work on the right leg.

Back Squats
Warm Up: 5 × 125, 5 × 160, 3 × 190
Work Weight: 5 × 205, 5 × 235, 11 × 265
Theoretical 1RM: 366

Cool Down
Foam rolling
1 minute of unbroken hollow rocks


Felt strong up to the 6th rep, thought the 7th rep would be it, then caught my breath and then pounded out the remaining 4.
Am considering buying a belt and more 45lbs plates for this cycle I’ll soon be approaching 300lbs for reps.

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