5/3/1 – Back Squat: Cycle 2, Exposure 2

Movement Prep

Foam rolled for ~15 minutes, paying lots of attention to hamstring, quad, IT band.
Lax ball loving for ~10 minutes especially above and below the knee.  Attacked the psoas muscles, and then used the 24 inch box to aid in further crushing my hamstrings.

Warm Up

3 Rounds of:
30s Face-up planks
30s Face-down planks
20 Reverse Lunges, alternating legs
10 Ring Rows, feet elevated

Back Squats

Warm Up: 5 × 125, 5 × 160, 3 × 190
Work Weight: 3 × 220, 3 × 250, 11 × 280
Theoretical 1RM: 372

Cool Down

Foam rolling
Walked 1 mile home in the heat


Hit the noon class.
Was over 100 degrees today, drank tons of Gatorade before class and lots of coconut water during my lifting.
Wore a cheap nylon belt during this lifting session which did the job, but really need to buy myself a leather belt.
Felt strong up to the 9th rep, 10th rep was solid but challenging, lost my breath slightly at the end of the 11th rep and felt my upright posture cave in slightly — didn’t want to attempt the 12th from a compromised position and racked it.

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