CrossFit South Brooklyn

CrossFit: Run, Burpee, Repeat

Note: Imprecise measurements in distance had me running ~350m, was miserable though, and got the job done…

3 Rounds for time of:
Run 400m
30 Burpees

Rest as needed between rounds.

Round 1:
Run: 45.5s
Burpees: 1min 37.0s
Work: 2:22.5s
Rest: 3min

Round 2:
Run: 53.6s
Burpees: 2min 25.0s
Work: 3:18.6
Rest: 3min

Round 3:
Run: 55.0s
Burpees: 2m 37.4s
Work: 3:32.4

Total time: 15:33.2

Would really like to run 400m on a track in Red Hook for a more accurate time, along with the promise of tacos and watermelon water as a reward.
Am definitely weak at burpees — has been too long!

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