Frozen and ready to use!

Making Frozen Dixie Cups En Masse

This week begins “Crush Week” at CrossFit South Brooklyn, where athletes will be hit with a series of challenging workouts eventually earning a week’s respite.  The weekend started off with a CF Total on Saturday, followed by the Dumbbell Bear today, so I anticipate needing lots of those handy dandy dixie cup ice applicators on standby. 

Although they’re incredibly effective in aiding recovery, making them has been a real drag.  Like most freezers, the interior surface isn’t flat causing the dixie cups to sit off axis, often spilling, and making a nasty mess.  David Osorio from CFSBK used to put a plank of wood in the gym’s freezer.  While that worked, it’s just not practical for a home freezer.

So here’s my $4 stackable solution: a package of Ziploc large rectangular storage containers.

What you need to make the most effective icing solutions

The basic ingredients.

Just fill the containers with your dixie cups, each container fits 12, and then add water.

Fill 'er up!

Cap them and stack in the freezer – there’s plenty of space in the fridge for essentials (e.g. tequila, frozen scallops and fish fillets).

Pack 'em in the freezer.

Once they’re frozen, just peel the paper to expose the “dosage” you’re looking for. 


Frozen and ready to use!

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  2 comments for “Making Frozen Dixie Cups En Masse

  1. July 12, 2011 at 11:42 am


    Great Idea with the tupperware container! We used the wood plank but what happens is when the water freezes it expands and rounds out the bottom of the dixie cup causing them to fall over and roll everywhere. I’m going to pick up a container this week for the gym.

    • Dan
      July 12, 2011 at 12:29 pm

      Thanks David, glad to hear it’ll work for the gym. Have a feeling they’ll go to good use given how brutal this week’s training is!

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